The One Project

If students embrace all that the University of Maryland has to offer them, they will have an educational journey that is beyond their imagination. We have created these principles for student success to help guide our new students in their first year and beyond. Students will become fully engaged in the university and all it has to offer.

Be Intellectual- The University of Maryland demands a well-rounded, intellectual student body. Attend lectures, have conversations and work hard to show the world that UMCP is a top 20 public institutions. Push your boundaries. Explore the General Education requirements and step out of your comfort zone. Be confused. Then figure it out. 

Be Diverse- The University of Maryland prides itself on having a diverse student population. The people who surround you may talk, walk, sing, look, have interests, or backgrounds that are different from you. And that’s good! It’s important for students at UM to be able to interact with learn from people who are different. Our world demands it of you. While The One Project will help you engage with other students who may identify as you in one facet of your life, The One Project the principle that while we may be different, we are all Terps!

Be Engaged- Being engaged means being involved. Involvement in clubs and organizations, in sports, in class projects, on research teams, in your residence hall or another way is the key to success and to graduation! Being engaged also means being involved in the LGBTQ community and taking positive actions towards equality and acceptance.

Be Exploratory- The University of Maryland is big! With over 25,000 undergraduate students, you can imagine that there is a lot to do and a lot of resources available. Find the coffee shop, the wind tunnel, the cow with the hole in its side, the Dairy, the Point of Failure, the bowling alley, the Co-Op. Find your new friends and explore.

Be Informed- The world is ever-changing. With media moving at light speed, it’s hard to keep up with everything that is happening. Do your best to be informed about what is happening on around you. Read the Diamondback, subscribe to club and organization listservs, and keep up on the news that affects your life as an LGBTQ person or ally.

Be Daring- Be open to challenging the status quo. Find the boundary and respectfully break it. Think outside the box. Be creative in your learning, in your teaching, in your research. Push beyond your comfort level and find out what makes you an individual. Show the world who you are!

Be Resourceful- There are many people on this campus who are here for you. In your very home, you may have a Resident Assistant. In your college, you have an advisor. In your class, you have an instructor and maybe a Teaching Assistant. These are just a few of the people who are here to teach, counsel, mentor, advise and support you as you begin your journey as a Terp. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Be an Ally- Students at the University of Maryland appreciate and work towards the social justice of all of its community. Allies are some of the most effective and powerful voices for a community. LGBTQ students need allies and LGBT students must be allies for others as well.  Everybody can be an ally. Who do you advocate for?